Rent his property
Would you like to rent your property?
S'ANTONI offers you more than just help, we offer you real assistance and a complete service


  • We build a complete dossier on your property with you to fully understand its features and its advantages and to create a portfolio of development
  • We advise you on the maintenance of your home or its possible renovation
  • We evaluate the best possible rental price for a quick rental to a reliable, stable tenant


  • We represent all the obligations that weigh on you
  • We cash the rents and the security deposits. Your funds are protected by a financial guarantee
  • We have legal expertise, in particular, for the drafting of leases
  • We are insured against professional liability for any mistake in our management


   S’ANTONI Immobilier offers you:
  • Guarantee against unpaid rents
  • Damage guarantee
  • Guarantee against holiday rentals


   To determine the rent with you, we have the following resources:
  • The National Observatory of the Markets
  • All our references
  • Our knowledge of the property 's advantages

To rent your property, we have the following resources:

  • A local and national file of requests
  • The establishment of panels
  • The windows of our branches in strategic locations
  • The S'ANTONI newspaper adverts
  • The property BOOK
  • Our websites
  • Press advertising


  • A contact person at your service

Owners, if you wish to rent a property in all serenity, here are the 17 steps we take for you

  • 1Find a tenant: Post the available rentals in our windows and create and post classified adverts offering the rentals on the Internet ( and partners) and in local newspapers.
  • 2Select the tenant candidates: Study the rental dossiers carefully in collaboration with our warranty insurance arrears.
  • 3Write and sign the lease.
  • 4Establish an inventory on the tenant's entry and exit.
  • 5Make the necessary declarations (concerning the tenant) to the tax authorities.
  • 6Collect the rents, building fees and the security deposit on entry into the premises.
  • 7Monitor and implement the resources needed to meet payment deadlines.
  • 8Supply the receipts, the certificates and the documents requested by the tenant.
  • 9Calculate and inform the tenant of the annual rent and building fee increases under the terms specified in the lease.
  • 10Verify the accounts sent by the representative and the payment provisions requested.
  • 11Calculate and allocate the rent and accrued annual amount to the tenant.
  • 12Search systematically for a new tenant to replace the outgoing tenant
  • 13For any work needed, consult the companies, study the quote and after your agreement, order the necessary work and pay the company. Bill the tenant for the work if necessary.
  • 14Defend your interest before the government or private representative of the co-ownership, etc.
  • 15Prepare and send monthly a detailed account per property of all revenue (rent, building fees, heating, taxes, etc. and the expenses (building fees, work, taxes, etc.) made to your account.
  • 16Settle the monthly payments due (by bank transfer).
  • 17Establish a preparatory for your annual property income declaration.