• Obtaining the ISO 9001 version 2008 standard, is the culmination of a quality process implementation for several years by the Group ANTONI

ISO 9001 Certification - #2006091666
Your confidence
and appreciation are our primary concern,
because happy clients are
our best ambassadors.
Satisfaction rating
from our clients:

97% of buyers are satisfied with the professionalism of their advisor. 95% of sellers would recommend S’ANTONI Property Agents.

98% of seasonal tenants would recommend S’ANTONI;

100% of vendors are satisfied with the management of the property for which they are responsible.

It is time to expect more
of your Property Agent.

The ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management, Version 2008, is the result of the high standards towards which S’ANTONI have strived for many years. All areas of the business have been awarded this certification: sales, holiday rentals, property management and letting.

This certification has led to the development of tools and methods which allow us to improve the efficiency of our many services. It also allows us to efficiently manage our development; to assess and improve our performance in the network with a rigorous work ethic − all with customer satisfaction in mind. We regularly measure the degree of satisfaction among our vendors, buyers, owners and tenants of our collaborators and partners/suppliers.

With this certification, the group affirms its primary aim: your satisfaction, with a quality offer that meets your demands.

In order to keep our quality rating, we have to undergo an annual audit. This obliges us to constantly check on our service in order to maintain our standards.

Our 20 commitments:

  • 1Customer Satisfaction:
    We are a company built on customer service: Quality standard ISO 9001, version 2008.
  • 2A warm welcome:
    Our clients are always treated as friends.
  • 3The strength of a local network:
    9 agencies in strategically placed locations in Agde, Cap d’Agde, Grau d’Agde, Marseillan, Marseillan Plage, Mèze, Pézenas, Sète.
  • 4Wide choice of properties available:
    More than 18,000 properties, upon application.
  • 5A file of more than 2,000 purchasers who’ve placed their trust in us:
    Our purchasing clients trust us to make their dream come true and become property owners in our beautiful region.
  • 6Secure, reliable transactions:
    We have a trained team of 45 people who are kept up to date with the most recent technical, legal, financial, fiscal and commercial developments.
  • 7Correct market price:
    Thanks to our property guide and our monitoring service, our vendors and purchasers are guaranteed a sale or purchase at the appropriate market price.
  • 8A dynamic commercial policy:
    We have a sales strategy which enables us to advertise nationally and internationally, based on an annual analysis of the origins of our contacts and the best media sources
    (internet, press, radio, billboard campaigns).
  • 9Peace of mind:
    We provide individual support with a personal advisor before, during and after the transaction.
  • 10Personalized follow-up for our vendors on the client section of our website:
    Each client receives a password to enable them to follow the sale on our site
    (visits, advertising and other commercial acts).
  • 11Personal finance plans:
    We always strive to find the best possible finance plan for each client so as to enable them to make savings or move to the next level. This process reassures our clients that the purchasers are indeed
    financially viable.
  • 12Targeted visits:
    In order not to waste time, either the vendor’s or the purchaser’s, we take great care to examine the feasibility of each project with the help of our client file, developed over 38 years' experience and with the
    satisfaction of thousands of customers.
  • 13Complete, detailed files:
    We always aim to give clear information, both for purchasers and vendors. We hold the property deeds, all valuations and building reports, civil status/ complete identity of all vendors, plus a visiting voucher
    signed by our purchasers before any visit.
  • 14Efficiency and reactivity:
    We draw up the provisional sales agreements, in close collaboration with the notary. The agreement is then sent by registered letter, against signature, in accordance with the SRU law.
  • 15A Well-being and Quality of Life file for each transaction:
    Our purchasers never leave empty-handed after the provisional sales agreement. We provide a series of photos of the property, a full description, and a file on the town or village as well as all useful addresses.
  • 16Commercial back-up 6/7 days:
    Our assistants are at the service of our purchasers and vendors from Monday to Saturday, during office hours.
  • 17Regular customer satisfaction surveys:
    We regularly send out customer satisfaction surveys to all our clients in order to closely respect their needs. The tab “Your opinion interests us” gives you access to an online questionnaire which, in turn,
    enables us to respect your wishes as closely as possible.
  • 18Pack ambiance & Style
    Real booster of sale, it helps to gain visibility on Internet, to increase the number of visits and sell in the best conditions (see agency conditions)
  • 19Earn money with referrals:
    Each client can refer a friend or a relative, enabling us to help them with their property project. Each successful referral will earn you a cheque for 150€, paid upon closure of the sale.
  • 20Become our VIP:
    We provide the champagne when the final sale is signed, and also the opportunity to be part of our list of VIP (Very Important Propriétaires − 'Owners'). This enables us to keep clients informed of the best deals
    and investment opportunities, the state of the property market and keep them up to date with news
    from the agency and its activities (information evenings, etc).