Managing your rental
Are you looking to rent out your property?


  • We assist you in building a complete file on your property, so that we fully understand its characteristics and key features in order to present it to its full advantage
  • We advise you on the maintenance of your property or a possible renovation
  • We suggest the best rental rate in order to let it quickly and to a reliable, solvent tenant.


  • We will represent you in all administrative and legal procedures
  • We receive all rents and deposits, and your money is protected by a financial guarantee
  • We have the legal expertise required for drawing up letting contracts
  • We are covered by professional liability insurance


S’ANTONI Property Agents can offer:

  • protection against unpaid rents
  • protection in the event of damage to your property
  • protection against void periods


In order to establish the appropriate rental rates, we rely on:

  • the National Market Monitoring Centre
  • our own personal catalogue
  • our knowledge and experience of the property market

In order to let your property, we guarantee:

  • use of a file of local and national rental enquiries
  • the erection of all signs
  • a window display in our strategically placed agencies
  • use of the S’ANTONI advertising journal, the 'Property BOOK'
  • advertising on our websites
  • newspaper and magazine advertising


  • Clear, easy-to-understand legal documents
  • Specialist advisors at your service

PROPERTY OWNERS, do you wish to let your property and still have peace of mind?
Here are the 17 stages that we will take you through:

  • 1Actively look for a tenant, while giving you regular updates: advertisements on the website
    ( and their partners) as well as in the local press.
  • 2Careful selection of potential tenants: thorough examination of their files in collaboration with our insurance 'Garantie Loyers Impayés' (protection against unpaid rent)
  • 3Drawing up and signing of the letting contract.
  • 4Detailed photographic and written inventory of fixtures, both at the beginning and end of the letting period.
  • 5Making necessary administrative declarations (concerning the tenant) to the local tax authorities.
  • 6Handling of all rent and charges, as well as the deposit paid at the beginning of the contract.
  • 7Employing necessary means of recovery of all rental due on the required dates
  • 8Provision of receipts and any other documents required by the tenant
  • 9Calculation of annual increases, as provided for in the contract, and communication of the information to the tenant.
  • 10Verification of the accounts provided by the property management association and payment of sums required.
  • 11Calculation and distribution of rental charges and their annual payment in direct contact with the tenant.
  • 12Search for replacement tenant in event of departure
  • 13In the event of maintenance work, we will consult with the companies and establish costings and, upon your approval, will carry out the work and pay the companies. We will then charge the tenant as and when appropriate.
  • 14Defence of your interests with both public and private administrations, such as property management associations, etc.
  • 15Monthly breakdown, per property, of all income (rent, charges, heating, taxes, etc.) and costs (charges, maintenance, taxes, etc.) made on your account.
  • 16Monthly payments (by standing order) of all sums due to you.
  • 17Preparation of statements for your annual property income declarations.